HP LaserJet Pro 400 MFP M425 - HP Device Toolbox (Windows)

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HP Device Toolbox (Windows)

Use the HP Device Toolbox for Windows to view or change product settings from your computer. This tool

opens the HP Embedded Web Server for the product.


This tool is available only if you performed a full installation when you installed the product.


Click the Start button, and then click the Programs item.


Click your HP product group, and then click the HP Device Toolbox item.

Tab or section




Provides product, status, and

configuration information.

Device Status

: Shows the product status and shows the approximate percent life

remaining of HP supplies.

Supplies Status

: Shows the approximate percent life remaining of HP supplies. Actual

supply life remaining can vary. Consider having a replacement supply available to install

when print quality is no longer acceptable. The supply does not need to be replaced

unless the print quality is no longer acceptable.

Device Configuration

: Shows the information found on the product configuration page.

Network Summary

: Shows the information found on the product network configuration



: Allows you to print the configuration and supplies status pages that the

product generates.

Event Log

: Shows a list of all product events and errors.



Provides the ability to configure the

product from your computer.

Device Information

: Provides basic product and company information.

Paper Setup

: Allows you to change the paper-handling defaults for the product.

Print Quality

: Allows you to change the print quality defaults for the product, including

calibration settings.

Paper Types

: Allows you to configure print modes that correspond to the paper types

that the product accepts.

System Setup

: Allows you to change the system defaults for the product.


: Allows you to start the cleaning procedure on the product.

Product Security

: Allows you to set or change the product password.

Save and Restore

: Save the current settings for the product to a file on the computer.

Use this file to load the same settings onto another product or to restore these settings

to this product at a later time.


The System tab can be password-protected. If this product is on a network, always

consult with the administrator before changing settings on this tab.



Provides the ability to change

default print settings from your



: Change the default product print settings, such as number of copies and paper

orientation. These are the same options that are available on the control panel.


: View and change the PCL5c settings.


: Turn off or on the Print PS Errors feature.

130 Chapter 7 Manage and maintain


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Tab or section




Provides the ability to change

network settings from your


Network administrators can use this tab to control network-related settings for the product

when it is connected to an IP-based network. It also allows the network administrator to set

up Wireless Direct functionality. This tab does not appear if the product is directly connected

to a computer.

HP Web Services


Use this tab to set up and use various Web tools with the product.


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